The Raine study is an invaluable resource for Western Australian Researchers. There are currently more than 40 researchers utilising more than 6000 variables available on each member of the Raine cohort. The investigators study 14 broad areas of research including: asthma and atopy, cardiovascular and metabolic heath, childhood development, dental health, diabetes, genetic-epidemiology, gastroenterology, infection and immunity, mental health, musculoskeletal development, neurocognitive development, nutrition, physical activity; pregnancy and birth, reproductive health and risk taking behaviour.

There is growing collaborative research between Raine study principle investigators. Moreover, national and international research collaborations with the Raine study are continuing to develop which value adds to the cohort and expands research and funding opportunities.


  • The Raine Study has published over 400 publications in peer reviewed journals. The references and publications links (2007 onwards and 1993 to 2006) for these publications by year are available on the website.