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The Biostatistics SIG provides important support role for all other SIGS by providing, by way of regular meetings;

  • A forum where researchers at all levels ranging from PhD to senior level can present and discuss analytical choices and challenges for answering their particular research questions using Raine data, followed by a general discussion.
  • Overviews of theory and practical application of particular methodologies people are interested in learning more about.

The Biostatistics SIG will conduct three meetings a year, with a prior call to the group for topics with respect to either a project a researcher would like to bring to the group for discussion, or a methodology people would like to know more about.

This is NOT a group for statisticians only, but rather for researchers at all levels, including students, interested in prospective cohort methodology, and is not limited to researchers working with Raine data.

The Biostatistics SIG leaders hope to provide as opportunity to connect across disciplines, institutions and cohort studies to share our methodological and analytical approaches.

Past meetings

Click below for presentations of the Biostatistics Seminar held on 18th may 2017

Raine Biostatistics SIG trajectories_slides Anne Smith

Trajectory modeling of depressive symptoms in cohort studies_slides Andrew Lewis

Future meetings

If you have a particular topic that you would like to see covered at one of the meetings please email this to