Project Applications and Data Access

Project applications

The Raine Online Submission System (ROSS) has been designed to facilitate a more efficient project application process. Researchers who would like to use Raine Study data will have to submit a project application via ROSS. Researchers can apply for access to existing data, or propose a project for additional data collection. Research projects conducted in the Raine Study all progress through 4 main stages.  ROSS will make it easier for researchers to provide the information required for their projects to be approved, manuscripts to be reviewed and to manage their involvement in the use of data and/or biosamples. ROSS will also assist researchers and Raine Admin with analysis and reporting. The ROSS guide outlines the details in each of the 4 main stages to provide researchers with clear guidance on how to progress their projects in a timely manner.

The ROSS guide explains the different stages of research projects conducted in the Raine Study and how this works in ROSS. At the end of this document you can find “Hints and Tips for ROSS” which will help you navigate through ROSS.

You can find simple templates of the forms in ROSS here. They can be used to circulate drafts among co-investigators before completing the final version in ROSS.

Raine Study Acknowledgements

Raine Study Acknowledgements

 Raine Study Guidelines relating to consistent naming of the Raine Study and all media related matters

Raine Study Nomenclature Guidelines



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