Project Applications, Conduct and Reporting

Project applications

The Raine Study supports and facilitates the research community accessing and utilizing the enormous potential of this unique cohort to make new discoveries to improve human health. Principles of access to data and samples (e.g. previously collected data, previously collected and stored biological samples, genetic data and collection of new data) are detailed in the Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort (Raine) Study Data and Biological Samples Access Policy. All projects require approval from the Raine Study Scientific Review Committee before the project can commence.

The Raine Online Submission System (ROSS) has been designed to provide an efficient project management process. Researchers who would like to use Raine Study data must submit a project application via ROSS. Researchers can apply for access to existing data, or propose a project for additional data collection. Research projects conducted in the Raine Study all progress through 4 main stages (outlined in the ROSS guide). ROSS makes it easier for researchers to provide the information required for their projects to be approved, manuscripts to be reviewed and to manage their involvement in the use of data and/or biosamples. ROSS also assists researchers and the Raine Study with analysis and reporting.

The ROSS guide explains the different stages of research projects conducted in the Raine Study and how this works in ROSS. At the end of this document you can find “Hints and Tips for ROSS” which will help you navigate through ROSS.

You can find simple templates of the forms in ROSS here. These can be used to circulate drafts among co-investigators before completing the final online version in ROSS.


Project Conduct

When a project application has been approved by the Raine Study Scientific Review Committee, data and/or biosamples can be requested via ROSS. Instructions for applying for data and biosamples are outlined in the ROSS guide.

Changes to the research team, data utilized, research questions or methods of an approved project must be updated in ROSS and will require Raine Study approval.


Project Reporting

Researchers are required to submit manuscript proposals via ROSS outlining proposed publications as part of an approved project. The Raine Study will review the feasibility, availability of data and authorship. This ensures that there is no overlap with other papers that are currently in preparation or under review.

All completed manuscripts and related media releases are to be submitted via ROSS for Raine Study approval prior to submission to a journal. Manuscripts will be reviewed to confirm internal consistency of reporting sample sizes, years of follow-ups, naming of the Raine Study, and appropriate acknowledgments.

Instructions for submitting manuscript proposals, submissions, and media releases are outlined in the ROSS guide.


Nomenclature Guidelines

The Raine study encourages the use of consistent naming of the Raine Study in all documents. This is to minimise confusion, enhance its recognition and allow for the variety of sub-studies being conducted now and into the future. Guidelines are provided that relate to consistent naming of the Raine Study in all media relating to the Raine Study, including: manuscripts, presentations, reports and press releases. The Raine Study Nomenclature Guidelines can be found here.


Acknowledgement Guidelines

In all publications, researchers are encouraged to acknowledge the Raine Study participants and their families, the Raine Study team, and all partner institutions and other funding bodies for providing funding for the Raine Study. Detailed acknowledgments are provided here.


Media Release Guidelines

If you are preparing a media release related to a Raine Study project or a published paper based on Raine Study data, you must seek prior Raine Study approval. Please complete a media release (MR) request in ROSS and please note that we need the media release at least one full working week in advance of your deadline. Please read the guidelines for preparing a media release here.



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