Raine Study Discoveries

Why is the Raine Study important?

The Raine Study over the years, has amassed one of the most unique and important collections of data in the world. There are many other cohort studies, but the Raine Study is one of the few where information was collected on the pregnant mother and the child and then followed the child through infancy, childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.

Information collected over 23 years ago will be able to provide a better understanding of how events during pregnancy, as well as childhood and adolescence affect later health and development. Over the years the Raine Study has amalgamated an extensive database on demographic, developmental, psychological, physical and many other factors around the life of children and families.

The Raine Study is a unique source of information for identifying and testing theories regarding complex causal pathways to health outcomes.

Raine Study Publications

Research discoveries are published in scientific journals. Over the years the Raine Study has published over 300 publications.


We have created summaries of these publications that explain complex ideas and and scientific terms for people who may not have a prior knowledge about the research area.

Media Releases

Television programmes, newspapers and websites write articles about research findings.