Future Follow Up

Please let us know if you move house, or change telephone numbers or email address.

We are currently planning for the next Raine Study participant follow up, which will start in early 2016.

Raine Study participants who are currently active in the Raine Study cohort were invited to attend an evening session to meet Raine Study researchers and discuss proposed research proposals for the age 25 year cohort follow up. Participants were invited to attend through a general notice on the Raine Study Facebook page and a random sample of participants were also mailed a printed invitation.

53 Raine Study participants attended. They were also asked to provide comments and information on what they liked about the Raine, and what would make it easier for them to attend and do the assessment. These are some of their comments:

  • More online questionnaires, or do them whilst waiting for someone to finish the test.
  • Reimbursement for those travelling long distances.
  • I think the Raine Study is a fantastic cause and I would do anything required. I would like a way to get previous results as I lost a lot of them when I moved.
  • Food, help with transportation, do it all in one day, give us feedback about our tests. I loved hearing this info first hand from the researchers.  Thank you for this, I’d recommend it as a great way to encourage participation.
  • I would be interested in doing more tests possibly 6 monthly e.g. back tests (spinal, muscular etc), brain tests etc.
  • Even if we had to get tests all day it would be easier with regards to organising time off work etc. If multiple locations then get a big group of participants on one day and use a mini bus or something similar.
  • Have 1 or 2 full days full of tests with mini buses/transport to each place. Good food with healthy options. Entertainment while waiting. Except for tests that can’t help it, evenings plus transport would help. Letters to workplace to get the time off.  Good luck, hope it gets granted.
  • Do everything on one day. Less issues with work. Free health test/results/advice if issue with my health.
  • Possibly some more involvement in organising tests and events.  More Raine participant interaction.  A test to do with mitochondrial data would be fascinating.
  • I would like to hear more about things to do with spine and back research ie fluid levels, placement of your discs to see if we could help see an oncoming issue.
  • Just the opportunity to help this research is rewarding enough.  All the information was very helpful.  Providing food and drinks is a very good idea.
  • Ensuring participants receive results after tests.
  • If results were given in a way we could understand it would be amazing.  Not only would we be helping research it would help us.  (This is only in regards to some that don’t offer results).
  • To cover travel expenses would be helpful, being close to a train line if possible.
  • Travel reimbursements. Parking costs reimbursed. Optional weekend timeslots.
  • Flexibility – Options with days and times if possible.  Snacks.
  • Awareness of its importance – could benefit their children, etc.
  • Always receiving results after follow ups and tests.
  • Please make it a one day event. No longer questionnaires that need to be filled out over a week period.
  • Plenty of notice and I can be there, I don’t mind what time, day or test 3-4 weeks and I’m easy.
  • I think having a presence on Facebook is great – easy for participants to receive updates.  I don’t think financial reimbursement is necessary if we are provided with dinner (and also a great range of free medical tests).
  • I love doing the study and really hope it continues for many years to come
  • Provide results – even if researchers don’t believe they would be useful to the participant.  Competitions – like a prize giveaway for one participant of the study.