For Participants

The Raine Study is a cohort of individuals, born between 1989 and 1992 in Western Australia who are now young adults. Their mothers were recruited into the research project and they were assessed before birth, at birth, during childhood, adolescence and now as young adults.

The ongoing success of the Raine Study could not have been achieved without the two thousand nine hundred mothers who agreed to take part 27 years ago and their children who continue to participate and contribute their time and effort to the project. The Raine Study has amassed an extremely precious resource of information on human life and development, and with ongoing involvement from participants can continue to improve the lives of future generations.


We completed the 22 year old follow-up of the cohort participants in 2015.

Many thanks to everyone who came in and completed the sleep study and various tests and questionnaires.

The Raine Study is now currently conducting a follow-up of the cohort participant parents. Parents are invited to come to the University of Western Australia, Centre for Sleep Science to do an over night sleep study and complete other assessments.

The Raine Study has started the follow-up of the Cohort participants at age 27. Participants are invited to the Raine Study office at the University of Western Australia to undergo the follow-up assessment. This follow-up is concentrating on cardiovascular health and internal fat and involves having an MRI scan. The MRI scan measures  ectopic fat (fat around your internal organs).  Very little is known about ectopic fat, what causes it and the effect it has on health. Participants will be contacted in 2016 and 2017 and invited to participate. Please contact the Raine Study if you have moved or changed contact details.