Education and Work SIG


SIG leaders

List of Investigators

  • Andrew Whitehouse, Education
  • Anu Bharadwaj, UWA Phd Student, ARC Work Design project
  • Francesco Cangiano, UWA, research assistant, ARC Work Design project
  • Garth Kendall, Curtin University, Educational outcomes
  • Jianghong Li, Curtin University, Educational outcomes
  • Leon Straker, Curtin University, ARC Work Design project/ other
  • Patrick Dunlop, UWA Psychology Department, ARC Work Design project
  • Paul Koshy, Curtin University, Educational outcomes
  • Richard Seymore, Curtin University, Educational outcomes
  • Rob Eikelboom, Education
  • Siobhan Austin, Curtin University, Educational outcomes
  • Anja van den Broeck (VU Leuven, Brussels; ARC Work Design project)
  • Kathy Parkes (Oxford, ARC Work Design project)

Overview of the current data resources available in the SIG area

With respect to work, some data about individuals’ work experiences and attitudes was collected in the main 22 yr old survey and has again been collected in the 26 year old survey. An intensive ARC-funded data collection (“Work and Well-Being Survey”) took place between these two main data collections, in 2015.  Objective education data including NAPLAN, TISC, ICARA have also been collected, as well as extensive educational survey data across multiple waves of the Raine study.

Overview of current/recent SIG activity

The current focus of the Work and Education SIG is on investigating Raine Study participant’s educational outcomes and analysing the work experiences of SIG participants. Example studies include:

  • how work design (e.g., the level of job autonomy) affects ethical behaviour in the work place
  • how work design interacts with personality factors to affect mental health controlling for individuals’ earlier mental health,
  • what pathways (e.g., demographics, toddler temperament, educational experiences) predict the quality of young adults’ current work design.

Outline of SIG plans for next 5 years

The main plans for the Work and Education SIG in the next 5 years includes:

  • Repeat administration of the ARC-funded Work Design and Well-Being survey in 2018
  • A full analysis of existing data sets
  • Expand opportunities for masters/ PhD student’s participation
  • Possibly will seek additional funding for a further work-oriented survey (consistent with the original goals of the ARC project to track the developmental effects of work, although one challenge is the decreasing size of the cohort over time.

Brief list of potential student/early career researcher projects

Please contact the Education & work SIG Leaders if you are interested in a research project incorporating Education & work data and they will coordinate whom to contact within the group.

Top 5-10 key findings (with reference)


List of indicative recent publications


List of current/recent grants

2015-2019; CI’s Parker, S.K, Dunlop, P.D, Parkes, K.R, Straker, L.M; Work design matters: The dynamic interplay of work and person factors. Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, DP150103312; $334,100.

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