Current Study

Raine Study Cohort follow-up age 27,  2016 – 2018

The Raine Study has started the follow-up of the Cohort participants at age 27. Participants are invited to the Raine Study office at the University of Western Australia to undergo the follow-up assessment. This follow-up is concentrating on cardiovascular health and internal fat and involves having an MRI scan. The MRI scan measures  ectopic fat (fat around your internal organs).  Very little is known about ectopic fat, what causes it and the effect it has on health.

Participants will be contacted and invited to a follow-up assessment at the Raine Study offices, at UWA and also to have an MRI scan. Testing includes:

  • Measurement of  height, weight.
  • Measurement of blood pressure.
  • Measure of the  whole body blood pressure
  • Providing a fasting blood sample.
  • Eye testing
  • Questionnaires

If your contact details have changed, please let us know.