Organisational structure of the Raine Study


The Raine Study Scientific Review Committee

The Raine Study Scientific Review Committee has overall responsibility for the Raine Study Cohort. Their main responsibility is to protect the members of the cohort and to ensure that the integrity of the Study and the investigative team is maintained.

Raine Study Scientific Directors

The Scientific Directors provide leadership and strategic direction for Cohort research activities. The Scientific Directors responsibilities include:

  • Maximising utilisation of the Raine Study resources
  • Maintaining productivity of high quality research
  • Establishing and maintain national and international collaboration
  • Creating research opportunities for the Raine Study

The current Raine Study Scientific Directors are:

Professor Peter Eastwood BSc, PhD
School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology
The University of Western Australia


Professor Leon Straker BAppSc, MSc, PhD
School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science
Curtin University

The Raine Study Management Committee

The Raine Study Core Management Committee refers to the management team which includes the Scientific Directors, Professor Peter Eastwood and Professor Leon Straker; Operations Manager, Aggie Bouckley; Communications Manager, Lorelei Campbell; Scientific Officer, Manon Dontje; Study Coordinator, Diane Wood and Research Officer, Alex D’Vauz. The responsibilities of the Raine Study Management Committee include:

  • Strategic and operational management of Raine Study
  • Promotion of the Raine Study to various audiences
  • Curation of Raine Study data
  • Facilitating access to the cohort data
  • Ensuring adherence with the terms of the Access Policy.
  • Oversight and coordination of the Raine Study research groups
  • Planning and management of cohort reviews
  • Cohort retention through liaison and communication with participants


Raine Study Operations Manager

Aggie Bouckley is the Raine Study Operations Manager. Aggie has senior responsibility for all operational matters including finance, human resources and corporate support and oversight of operational issues related to cohort follow-ups, data and biosample management, communications and participant engagement.

Raine Study Communications Manager

Lorelei Campbell is the Communications Manager for the Raine Study, responsible for promoting the Raine Study to various audiences through the media, internal communications, social media and more.  Lorelei holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Public Relations) and a Masters of Public Relations (with Distinction).  She has worked in a variety of organisations in Australia and overseas in the role of communications, public relations and marketing and is passionate about the work of the Raine Study and in awe of the commitment of the participants.

Raine Study Scientific Officer

Manon Dontje is the Raine Study Scientific Officer. Manon has a background in Human Movement  Science (MSc., University of Groningen, The Netherlands) and in Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology (MSc., University of Groningen, The Netherlands).  Her PhD research focused on daily physical activity in patients with a chronic disease. Manon will be working as a Postdoc Researcher with Leon Straker and Peter Eastwood focused on activity and sleep accelerometry data.


Raine Study Senior Research Officer

Alex D’Vauz is the Deputy Operations Manager, Deputy Scientific Officer and the Study Co-ordinator for the current 27 year follow-up. Since 2003, Alex has been an integral member of  the Raine Study and has had a key role in the data collection and  management of all  follow-ups. As well as coordinating the 27 year follow-up, Alex’s other responsibilities include the development and maintenance of all study databases and supporting the Operations Manager and Scientific Officer in their roles.


Raine Study Senior Research Officer

Mrs Diane Wood holds the portfolios of Senior Research Officer Follow-up Manager, Coordinator of Participant Engagement, Gen 1 Raine Parent Sleep Study and other Raine projects. She is married with two adult daughters. From Victoria originally but has lived in Perth for 25 years. Diane started her career in the education sector and entered research after starting her family. Diane has worked for the Raine study for 15 years. Diane enjoys the progressive environment and ever changing roles that challenge her at the Raine Study.