We spend one-third of our lives asleep.  We sleep when tired, mostly at night, and should wake the next day feeling refreshed and rested. However many individuals have poor sleep and wake unrefreshed. Sub optimal sleep affects has both physical and mental functioning. One particularly common sleep disorder is obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).


To date, there have been numerous studies investigating OSA in children and middle-aged adults at a single time point, but few studies have data on young adults and none have the longitudinal dataset of biological measurements that the Raine Study has. Furthermore, most sleep studies have been performed on people affected by sleep disorders. The Sleep research team are ideally placed to provide novel insights into the risk factors, development and progression of OSA in a general population of young adults.


The Raine Study participants, at 23 years of age have undergone comprehensive overnight laboratory-based sleep studies at the UWA Centre for Sleep Science. The Sleep research group is utilising the unique longitudinal data collected on participants in the study to determine, for the first time, the prevalence, phenotype and risk factors for OSA and other sleep disorders in early adulthood. This study has generated an internationally unique dataset of full laboratory-based sleep studies in a group of young adults and represents the first Australian "longitudinal sleep cohort".


Research Team

Professor Peter Eastwood BSc PhD

Professor David Hillman MBBS

C/Professor Nigel McArdle MBBS MD

Professor Romola Bucks MSc PhD

Dr Anne Smith PhD

C/Associate Professor Elizabeth Davis MBBS PhD

A/Professor Jennifer Walsh PhD

A/ Professor Rae-Chi Huang MBBS PhD

Professor Nicholas de Klerk MSc PhD

A/Professor Craig Pennell MBBS PhD

Professor Eric Moses MSc PhD

A/Professor Phillip Melton PhD

Professor Leon Straker MSc PhD

Professor Murray Maybery PhD

Mr Stuart King BAppSc

A/Professor Kelly Shepherd PhD


W/Professor Andrew Whitehouse PhD

Telethon Kids Institute


Dr Peter O'Sullivan PhD

Curtin University


Professor Tim Olds PhD

University of South Australia


A/Professor Kevin Murray MSc

A/Professor Berwin Turlach PhD

School of Mathematics & Statistics, UWA


A/Professor David Champion MBBS MD, FRACP

Sydney Children's Hospital


Professor Ajmal Mian PhD

School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, UWA


A/Professor Mithran Goonawardene

School of Dentistry/Oral Health Centre of Western Australia (OHCWA)



  • Amelia Stephens PhD Candidate
  • Anahita Hamidi PhD Candidate
  • James Slater MSc Candidate
  • Michelle Trevenen Honours Candidate
  • David Moussa Honours Candidate




  • 2012-2014 NHMRC1027449, P Eastwood, D Hillman, A Smith, N McArdle, R Huang, Childhood obesity and its relationship to adult sleep disordered breathing, $843,060.


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