Physical Activity

Physical Activity


The Physical Activity research group focuses on physical activity, physical fitness and motor competence with the Raine Cohort. These factors are associated with many health issues and are being investigated at both single time points and longitudinally. Inter-related investigations include obesity, influences of sedentary and physical activity, self perception, and motor competence measurement, predictors and influences.  This research group has a particular interest in the individual, behavioural and environmental characteristics of Cohort members as they relate to individual motor competence, physical activity and physical fitness and their inter-relationships with other health factors and predictors.  They successfully modelled the trajectory of healthy weight, overweight and obese adolescents from birth to 14 years and examined the predictive influence of various factors on obesity such as breastfeeding.  A recent highlight was the finding that maternal hypertensive diseases negatively affect offspring motor development. The group also works collaboratively with a number of other Raine research groups to investigate a range of topics including metabolic syndrome, spinal pain and nutrition.


Research Team

Professor Beth Hands PhD

Professor Helen Parker PhD

Professor Max Bulsara PhD

Associate Professor Garth Kendall PhD

Dr Paola Chivers PhD

Dr Dawne Larkin (dec) PhD

A/ Professor Elizabeth Rose PhD

Professor Jan Piek PhD

A/ Professor Melissa Licari PhD


Professor Deborah Dewey

University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada



  • Tegan Grace, PhD Candidate




Physical Activity team

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