The quality of nutrition during pregnancy, in early infancy, throughout childhood and adolescence is recognised to have a significant effect on adult health. The Nutrition Group have investigated the dietary intake of the Raine Study cohort participants from birth through to 23 years of age. Information has been collected about breastfeeding, first foods, dietary intake through childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Fasting blood samples were collected for biochemistry, metabolic and immunological biomarkers.


The Group are studying the impact of dietary patterns and omega-3 fatty acids on mental health and depression. Research conducted by the group has reinforced the importance of breast feeding and its positive long lasting effects on health. The group has examined breastfeeding in infancy and its relationship to metabolic syndrome and overweight in young adulthood.


The importance of a healthy diet, rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and whole-grains for optimum mental health is now being recognised. Diet is arguably the single most important risk factor that can be improved to make a significant difference to health. The rising incidence of obesity and Type 2 diabetes in our population is a major reason to improve health through better nutrition and diet-related choices over the life course.


The Group is a member of an international collaboration on 'Early Nutrition', a 36 institution, 12 million euro (AUS$17.3 million) project. This collaboration is funded by an NHMRC European Union collaborative grant and aims to uncover the long term impact of early nutrition on later health.



Prof Wendy Oddy and Dr Therese O'Sullivan



Research Team

Professor Wendy Oddy MPH PhD

Associate Professor Gina Ambrosini PhD

Dr Georgina Trapp PhD

Dr Lucinda Black PhD

Dr Therese O'Sullivan PhD

Dr Siobhan Hickling PhD

Dr Wendy Chen She Ping-Delfos PhD

Professor Lawrie Beilin AO MBBS MD FRCP FRACP

Professor Trevor Mori  PhD

Professor Nick De Klerk MSc PhD

A/Professor Craig Pennell MBBS PhD FRANZCOG

A/ Professor Leon Adams MBBS PhD FRACP

A/ Professor Rae-Chi Huang MBBS PhD FRACP

A/ Professor Alex Bremner PhD

Dr Karina Allen PhD

Dr Jianghong Li PhD

Dr Monique Robinson PhD


Professor Jane Scott PhD

Curtin University of Technology, WA


Professor Susan Jebb

University of Cambridge UK


Dr Pauline Emmett

University of Bristol UK


Professor Berthold Koletzko

Early Nutrition Consortium

Ludwig-Maximilian, University of Munich, Germany


Professor Mathew Gilman

Harvard School of Public Health


Professor Keith Godfrey

University of Southampton



  • Bianca Petterson, Dr of Psychology, UWA
  • Anett Nyaradi, PhD Candidate, UWA
  • Sebastian Rauschart, PhD Candidate,  Ludwig-Maximilian, University of Munich, Germany



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  • 2012-2016, NHMRC 1037966, WH Oddy, F Stanley, L Beilin, C Pennell, B Koletzko, H Demmelmair, W Peissner, Analysis of metabolic profiles in young adults from the Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort (Raine) Study by Metabolomics: Biomarkers for metabolic consequences of programming by infant feeding type, $323,250.
  • 2011, Dairy Health and Nutrition Consortium, T O'Sullivan, T Mori, LJ Beilin, WH Oddy, Redefining 'good' fats: Are regular fat dairy products associated with lower metabolic syndrome risk than low fat products in adolescence? $102,654.
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Professor Wendy Oddy

Wendy Oddy


Dr Gina Trapp

Gina Trapp 5488