The Raine Study provides longitudinal measures of length, height and weight of individuals from birth to, currently, 23 years of age. The availability of genetic information from thr Raine Study provided the opportunity for the Growth Team to identify specific polymorphisms in the ghrelin gene  that were associated with growth.1 Raine Study  height data was also used to compare the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and  World Health Organisation (WHO)reference/standards for height in children . It was found that neither the WHO or CDC height standardisations accurately reflect the contemporary Australian child population with the conclusion thatthere is a case for development of an Australian-specific standard.2 The Raine Study also provide contemporary normative growth measures against which the RAINE Growth Group can assess growth in children affected by chronic diseases. The Raine Study cohort is now approaching adulthood and thus longitudinal measures of the Raine Study cohort to final adult height provide the opportunity for the Group to determine what environmental, prenatal, and genetic factors contribute to the total childhood growth trajectory and attainment of adult height.


Dr Choong and Professor Sly established the Raine Growth Research Group in 2011 to investigate the environmental and genetic determinants of growth by analysis of the Raine Cohort. Dr Choong is the immediate past chair of OZGROW (2007-2013) .  The OZGROW Database was established in 1989 following the introduction of synthetic human GH to Australia in 1988.   The role of the OZGROW is to collect, ascertain and record in a database diagnostic information, Growth Hormone (GH) treatment, and outcome data on all children receiving Commonwealth funded Growth Hormone medication throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Dr Choong and colleagues, Dr Harris (current chair of OZGROW (2013- ), Dr Cotterill (past Chair of OZGROW) and Dr Hughes (OZGROW Research Fellow), have a number of publications reporting growth characteristics and outcomes of GH treatment in children and adolescents. 


1. Riedl S, Hughes I, Harris M, Leong GM, Beilby J, Sly P, Choong CS. GH secretagogue receptor gene polymorphisms are associated with stature throughout childhood. European Journal of Endocrinology. 2012;166(6):1079-85.

2. Hughes I, Harris M, Cotterill A, Garnett S, Bannink E, Pennell C, Sly P, Leong GM, Cowell C, Ambler G, Werther G, Hofman P, Cutfield W, Choong CS. Comparison of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization references/standards for height in contemporary Australian children: Analyses of the Raine Study and Australian National Children's Nutrition and Physical Activity cohorts. J Paediatr Child Health. 2014 Jun 22.



Research Team

Dr Catherine Choong MBBS MD FRACP

Dr Nooshi Rath MBBS

Department of Endocrinology, PMH

School of Paediatrics and Child Health, UWA


Dr Julie Marsh MSc PhD

Telethon Kids Institute and School of Mathematics & Statistics, UWA


Professor Peter Sly MMBS MD FRACP

Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute




  • Pfizer Australia Independent Research Grant (S Riedl, C S Choong),
  • Channel Seven Perth Telethon Grant (C S Choong #63002012)
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