Genetic Epidemiology

Genetic Epidemiology


The Raine Study Genetic Epidemiology group is primarily investigating the relationship between genes, the antenatal and postnatal environments, and how they contribute to the development of adult diseases including metabolic syndrome (coronary heart disease, stroke, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol), obesity, neurologic disorders and mental illness.


Although adverse antenatal and postnatal environments increase the risk of particular adult diseases, not all individuals exposed to these environments develop these conditions, suggesting that an individual's genotype may contribute to the eventual outcome. The Genetic Epidemiology research group aims to define genes and interactions between genes and environment that underlie developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD). Early identification of genetic signatures that enhance the risk of adult disease may provide opportunities to develop lifestyle or medical intervention strategies aimed at preventing these adverse outcomes. 


Research Team

A/Professor Craig Pennell MBBS PhD

Professor John Newnham MBBS MD

Emeritis Professor Lawrie Beilin AO MBBS MD

Professor Eric Moses MSc PhD

Professor David Mackey MBBS MD PhD

A/Professor Julie Marsh MSc PhD

Wei Ang MSc

Carol Wang MSc


Professor Stephen Lye PhD

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Toronto, Canada


Professor Peter Visscher

A/ Professor Stuart MacGregor

Queensland Institute of Medical Research


Professor Susan Jebb

Cambridge University, UK


Dr Tom Gaunt

University of Southampton, UK


Professor Marjo-Riitta Jarveilin

Imperial College London, UK


Professor Robert Plomin

King's College London


Professor Mark McCarthy

Oxford University, UK


Professor George Davey-Smith

Professor Debbie Lawlor

Professor Kate Tilling

Professor Pauline Emmett

Dr Laura Howe

University of Bristol, UK


Professor Brian Walker

Professor Ian Deary

Professor Alan Wright

Professor Harry Campbell

Dr Igor Rudan

Dr Jim Watson

Dr Caroline Hayward

Dr Jennifer Bolton

University of Edinburgh, UK


Professor Tim Frayling

Dr Rachel Freathy

University of Exeter, UK


Dr Martin Tobin

Dr Louise Wain

University of Leicester, UK


Professor Vincent Jaddoe

Professor Cornelia van Duijn

Professor Henning Tiemeier

Erasmus Medical Centre, The Netherlands


Professor Hans Bisgaard

Professor Anne Marie Nybo Anderson

University of Copenhagen, Denmark


A/Prof Renee Goodwin

Columbia University, USA


The University of Arizona, USA

Professor Martinez

The University of Arizona, USA


Associate Professor Struan Grant

University of Pennsylvania, USA


Professor Stephen Lye

Professor Stephen Matthews

Professor Laurent Briollais

Professor John Challis

University of Toronto, Canada



Member of Consortia


The Raine Study Genetic Epidemiology group a member of several international genetic consortium networks established to facilitate collaborative genome wide association studies.


  • EArly Genetics Lifecourse Epidemiology (EAGLE) consortium
  • Early Growth Genetics (EGG) consortium
  • Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) consortium
  • Causal Analysis Research on Tobacco and Alcohol (CARTA) consortium
  • CORtisol NETwork (CORNET) consortium
  • The Childhood Intelligence (CHIC) consortium
  • The International Lung Function Genomics (ILFG) consortium
  • CREAM consortium: Consortium on Refractive Error and Myopia
  • Causal Analysis Research on Tobacco and Alcohol (CARTA) consortium
  • Runs of Homozygosity (ROHgen) consortium
  • Genetic Investigation of Anthropometric Traits (GIANT) consortium
  • Genetic Factors for Osteoporosis (GEFOS) consortium




  • Dr Scott White MBBS, PhD candidate
  • Dr Richard Maganga MBBS, PhD candidate
  • Ms Carly Herbison, PhD candidate





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  • 2010-2014, CHIR 82893 S Lye, J Stephen, L Adams, L Beilin, L Briollais, S Matthews, J Newnham, J Olynyk, L Palmer, C Pennell, Gene-Environment Interactions Underlying The Developmental Origins Of Health And Disease  $876,529,
  • 2010-2012, NHMRC, L Adams, J Olynyk, L Beiling, C Pennell, W Oddy, P McCaskie, Risk factors for the development of NAFLD beyond insulin resistance: genetic, developmental and environmental influences, $641,125.
  • 2009-2011, NHMRC 572613, 2009-2011, L Palmer, C Pennell, L Beilin, J Newnham, S Lye, G Davey-Smith, A genome wide search for genes underlying the developmental origins of health and disease, $989,500.







A/Prof Craig Pennell