The primary research areas of the Gastrointestinal research group are non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), alcohol-associated liver disease, liver fibrosis and disorders of iron balance. During the 20-year Raine Study review over 1200 Raine Study participants had a specialised non-invasive liver scan, Fibroscan® (Echosens™, France) which measured the stiffness or fibrosis of the liver.


The Group are involved in identifying nutritional and metabolic risk factors as well as genetic variants which make an individual more likely to develop NAFLD.


Research Team

Professor Leon Adams MBBS PhD FRACP

Professor John Olynyk MBBS FRACP MD

A/Professor Julie Marsh MSc PhD

Dr Anita Chua PhD

Elizabeth Mckinnon

Dr Esther Ooi PhD


Professor Stephen Lye

University of Toronto, Canada



Dr Oyekoya Ayonrinde MBBS FRACP, PhD candidate




2010-2014, CIHR 209483, S Lye, L Adams, L Beilin, J Lawrence , L Briollais, S Matthews,J Newnham, J Olynyk, L Palmer, C Pennell,  Gene-environment interactions underlying the developmental origins of health and disease. Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (Toronto) $939,441.

2010-2012, NHMRC 634445, L Adams, J Olynyk, L Beilin, C Pennell, W Oddy, P McCaskie, Risk factors for the development of NAFLD beyond insulin resistance: genetic, developmental and environmental influences, $641,125.

2010, UWA, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, L Adams, Small Equipment Grant, Fibroscan XL probe, $29,810