The Endocrinology Group has three main areas of focus within the Raine study.


Firstly investigating the relationship between maternal and childhood thyroid function and development of memory, intelligence and psychological well-being. Thyroid function is felt to be important for brain development but which components and at what age is not defined. To study this we are measuring thyroid hormone levels in the pregnant mothers and the subjects, but also looking at known genetic markers of thyroid function as these may better represent the effect of thyroid function during development.


The Endocrinology group is also investigating genetic and environmental factors that influence bone development. Here the effect of environmental factors such as vitamin D and genes known to influence bone development and their relationship are studied to determine the cause of lower peak bone mass, a precursor to adult osteoporosis.


In collaboration with the Raine Study HPA Group (Hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal axis), the Group is evaluating the relationship between early life events and HPA axis function during early, mid and late adolescence.  This may explain how early stressful life events in combination with genetic susceptibility can effect response to stressors in later life.


Research Team

Dr Vijay Panicker MBBS PhD FRACP

A/Professor Scott Wilson PhD

A/Professor John Walsh MBBS PhD FRACP

Dr Kathy Zhu PhD

Dr David Henley MBBS PhD FRACP

Miss Suzanne Brown BSc

A/ Professor Craig Pennell MBBS PhD FRANZCOG


Professor Colin Dayan

Dr Peter Taylor

Cardiff,University School of Medicine, UK (ALSPAC)


Prof Steve Lye

Prof Steve Matthew

University of Toronto


Dr Vijay Panicker