Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders


Eating disorders are highly complex and serious mental illnesses that occur most frequently in adolescents and young adults. Researchers in the Raine Study Eating Disorder research group are working towards the identification of factors that contribute to the development of these conditions. We are also identifying factors that may predict persisting eating difficulties once an eating disorder has developed. Information on eating disorders has been collected in the 14, 17, 21 and 23 year cohort reviews allowing the tracking of symptoms of these disorders over a ten-year period. Findings obtained from the Raine study utilising these data are helping to advance the small body of prospective research on factors that increase risk and maintain eating disorders. The project is also focusing on translating research outcomes into practical strategies and early intervention efforts to facilitate the effective prevention of eating disorders.


Research Team

Professor Florian Zepf MD

Dr Karina Allen, PhD MPsych (Clinical)

A/Professor Sue Byrne, PhD MPsych (Clinical)

Prof Wendy Oddy, MPH, PhD


Professor Ross Crosby, PhD

Neuropsychiatric Research Institute, North Dakota State University, USA



Katerina Chin-A-Loy, PhD Candidate



2010 - 2014, NHMRC Early career research fellowship, K Allen, Eating disorders in Western Australia: Prevalence, maintaining factors, and prospective risk factors,  $288,000.


2013 - 2014, University of Western Australia Early Career Researcher Fellowship Support grant, K Allen, Increasing rates of eating disorder detection and treatment in adolescence: A school-based approach, $16,978.


2013 - 2014, UWA near miss project grant, K Allen, M Sawyers, M Robinson, A Whitehouse & D Lawrence, Investigating the influence of prenatal exposures and the postnatal environment on child and adolescent mental health trajectories, $70,000




Dr Karina Allen

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