There is no one 'typical' course of child development. Each and every child develops in their own unique way. The 'Developmental research group' seeks to understand how and why children vary in the course of their cognitive, social and language development.The research group examines the links between genetic, biological and behavioural data to answer questions such as:

  • Why do some children speak very early in life, while others are late-bloomers?
  • How do the two sides of the brain interact and contribute to cognitive development; and
  • How do genetic mechanisms contribute to disorders of development


By understanding why children vary in their development, the research group aims to be able to identify children at risk of delayed development as early as possible, and devise therapies to help these children reach their full potential


Research Team


Professor Andrew Whitehouse PhD

Telethon Kids Institute

Professor Murray Maybery PhD

University of Western Australia

Professor Jeffrey A Keelan, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, FSRB

University of Western Australia

A/Professor Caleb Ing MD

Columbia University



  • Amelia Stephens PhD Candidate
  • Esha Jamnadass PhD Candidate




  • 2011-2015 NHMRC 1003424, A Whitehouse, M Maybery, C Dissanayake, M Hickey, C Pennell, , Prenatal and early postnatal risk factors for autism spectrum disorders, $671,938.




Professor Andrew Whitehouse

Andrew Whitehouse