Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience


Cognitive neuroscience combines both psychological and neuroscience; its focus is to investigate the neurobiological basis of cognition.  The cognitive neuroscience group's primary aim is to investigate in the Raine cohort those neurobiological factors that impact on cognition and behaviour from birth to the present day.


Current major project include:

  • the investigation of the impact of diet, breastfeeding and weight gain during childhood and adolescence on cognition and behaviour
  • cognitive profiling of sex and drug risk-taking behaviour in adolescents


Research Team

Professor Jonathan Foster DPhil

Professor Wendy Oddy PhD



Wendy Lim, BMedSci

Anett Nyaradi, PhD



2007-2009, NHMRC  458623, J Foster, A van Eekelen, E Mattes, F Stanley, C Pennell, Early life stress, adolescent brain development and risk for adverse cognitive and psychosocial outcomes, $569,550