Representative Group

The Raine Study fosters and encourages participant involvement in decisions about cohort assessments, cohort activities and research studies. This involves an active partnership between participants and researchers. The Raine Study established a Representative Group when the cohort were around 10 years of age. This Group has played an important role in providing a consultant and collaborative role on research proposals and cohort management issues.


The Representative Group meets regularly with Raine Study staff and are consulted over the content of data collection assessments and any form of communication with study members e.g. newsletters, information sheets, results, cards, competitions, websites, Facebook, meetings. Meetings are also organised with the Representative Group and other volunteer participants and researchers to obtain feedback on proposed studies.


This consultation process ensures research protocols and material remains relevant and acceptable to participants and provides researchers with a different perspective on their proposals. 


The Representative Group are an important link between researchers and the daily lives of the study participants. Retention of participants in the Raine Study is extremely important for the future of the Study. The Representative Group provides valuable ideas and feedback on communication with the cohort. They meet bi-monthly with the Raine Study Team and Raine Study Researchers.


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Representative Group


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