The Raine Study Executive Committee


The Raine Study Executive Committee have overall responsibility for the Raine Study Cohort. Their main responsibility is to protect the members of the cohort and to ensure that the integrity of the Study and the investigative team is maintained.


Raine Study Scientific Directors


The Scientific Directors are appointed by The Raine Study Executive Committee and provide leadership and strategic direction for Cohort research activities. The Scientific Directors responsibilities include:

  • Maximising utilisation of the Raine Study resources
  • Maintaining productivity of high quality research
  • Establishing and maintain national and international collaboration
  • Creating research opportunities for the Raine Study


The current Raine Study Scientific Directors are:

Professor Peter Eastwood BSc, PhD

School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology

The University of Western Australia




Professor Leon Straker BAppSc, MSc, PhD

School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science

Curtin University






Raine Study Secretariat

The Raine Study "Secretariat" refers to the management team which includes the Scientific Directors, Study Manager, Jenny Mountain and Data Manager/Biostatistician, Angela Jacques. The Raine Secretariat responsibilities include:

  • Strategic and operational management of Raine Study
  • Curation of Raine Study data
  • Facilitating access to the cohort data
  • Ensuring adherence with the terms of the Access Policy.
  • Oversight and coordination of the Raine Study research groups
  • Planning and management of cohort reviews
  • Cohort retention through liaison and communication with participants



Professor Peter Eastwood

Peter Leon


Professor Leon Straker

Leon 2


Jenny Mountain

Jenny 1


Angela Jacques

Angela 1